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  • Joohwee Lim

    About Me

    Final year student at NUS FASS, Communications and New Media.

    An aspiring documentary filmmaker hoping to use the media to tell stories on behalf of those who are not given a voice.

    Work Experience

    Youth.SG: Content Production Intern (May - July 2017)

    Rothwell Strategies: Creative Production Intern (Jul - Aug 2016)

    Tripzilla Magazine: Video Production Intern (May - Jul 2016)


    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe DreamWeaver

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe InDesign






    photography & film








  • Documentary

    Behind Closed Doors is a project on people living in rental flats in Singapore. It aims to unravel stories of seemingly average Singaporeans living behind these compartmentalised units that looks the same on the outside, but we only realise their differences when we step into these units. View website here.

    Password: joohwee2017

    The main message of the video "Visible but unidentifiable, there's more than meets the eye" aims to emphasize on how average these Singaporeans are, but there's more than we can see until we actually take an extra step to talk to these Singaporeans and understand their stories.

  • fast fashion: what's your waste size?

    Our attempt at educating the public about a social issue in Singapore. Role: camera, ideation, editor.

  • voice of population

    We produced a voxpops to find out Singaporeans' understanding of the Kopitiam lingo. Role: Camera.

  • Human Interest Videos

    Short documentaries featuring individuals and their stories

    Behind The Lens: Arif Nurhakim

    Short documentary about social documentarian Arif Nurhakim, who travels around the world to provide a voice for the marginalised communities.


    This film is about the theatrical journey of a Vietnamese in Singapore and his struggles as a minority in a foreign place. Role: Camera

    Interview Practice Video

    Hear what a female bartender has to say about her job.

  • Fiction Films

    Passing Through

    Written & directed by Gina Chew, the film is about how we move in and out of each other in life - often never making solid connections or touching base.

    Filmed & edited by Joo Hwee, she uses handheld shots & a pastel hue to represent the dream-like world for the guy, contrasted by the still shots with a cooler tone to show a world where individuals cope with their own struggles. This segment of the film is inspired by Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express.

    Full Marks Please

    Full Marks Please attempts to reflect on the impact of our education system on children today.

  • RVRC Photog & Video Crew

    Aug 14 - May 15

    1. Inter College Games: Publicity

    Inter College Games promotional video was executed within 2 weeks through efficient planning and collaboration which reached 1200 views. Role: Editor

    2. Promotional Video

    We directed and conceptualized the first Promotional Video for RVRC which attracted 1800 views on Facebook and during Open Day. Role: Director of Photography, Camera (only some scenes)




    my take on design-










  • brush lettering

    i write with a brush and ink.

  • Communications Campaigns

    Strategic planning for organisations

    Mediacorp Singapore

    As part of marketing hackathon Pitch It!, we were required to come up with a marketing 360 plan for a real life problem that Mediacorp (client) is facing. View Pitch Deck Here Result: Top 5 teams

    Breaking Barriers, Creating Shared Memories (#deConstruct)

    #deConstruct was a campaign written with an aim to promote positive relationships between Singaporeans and migrant construction workers through unravelling myths and increased interaction. View Presentation Deck Here.

  • Nemation 4

    June 09 - Dec 09

    "Story is King" - Pixar

    Conceptualised the selected story idea for the competition
    Successfully led the team of 4 to Top 10 through rounds of pitching

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